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Angels for some time - acute care in times of crisis

lichtblick elfe PRINT rollingboard eamil From many years of experience, we know that the care of our children and adolescents in acute times of crisis must go beyond horse therapy.

Crises turn life upside down. Violence, illness or death do not depend on agreed therapy hours. Grief, despair and fainting haunt those affected around the clock.

Therefore, at such stages of life, it is urgently necessary to spend more time with the children and young people concerned, to provide basic needs and to restore some structure to their lives. In these times, the e.motion site becomes even more important than usual an important refuge and a safe neutral ground for our young clients.

The project "Angel on time" is very close to our hearts! A crisis rarely comes on its own - the whole life is suddenly turned upside down and you don't know how to help yourself - that's why we started the project "Angels on Time". Because angels are HERE and help where you don't know any more. WE want to help families in acute crises by being DA for them! We ask you to support us in this, because a big problem for families in crisis is usually also the financial!


"Angel for some time" - Apartments

The following project is still a dream of the future! But with your donation we can make it a reality!
Currently, 2 apartments are being built in the Otto Wagner Hospital as part of the "Angel on Time" offer, which should be available to seriously ill children and their parents in times of crisis. Relief care, rehabilitation and palliative care should be made possible around the clock. In addition to financial support for the project, donations in kind and voluntary work are also gratefully accepted.


Help once:

  • Construction subsidy for the construction of 2 hospice apartments 80 000€
  • installations for disabled persons
  • Wheelchair accessible playground and garden

Become an apartment sponsor:

  • Monthly rent for two apartments each 2400€
  • A specialist in health and nursing (full-time) monthly: 2500€
  • Equotherapy monthly: 950€
  • Therapy with other animals monthly: 400€



THANK YOU for helping us to support families! 







In these sessions, we accompany children and adolescents experiencing crises or working on a traumatic experience. Even problems without an obvious cause have their reason- therefore we start searching carefully and respectfully a way to a satisfied and healthy life.
The therapeutic setting for children and adolescents include:
  • Equotherapy
  • Therapeutic company according to an individual therapeutic concept
  • A process report
  • Conversation about anamnesis and therapy concept
  • Conversation about the course or the conclusion of therapy
  • Networking with a psychosocial team (if required)
  • Crisis intervention (if required)
You can find details to Equotherapy, the indication and phases of therapy below the menu item methods.
The sessions are kept in blocks of therapy. The cost are payed once for a block and the amount depends on the number of sessions.

Therapeutic single setting sessions for children and adolescents

IMG 2804
Starting therapy, there is a taster meeting (initial consultation) to get to know each other. Afterwards the child visits about two units (depending on age and your wish with or without you). In these sessions with the horse, we try to picture the strengths and weaknesses. After this unbiased encounter, a detailed conversation about anamnesis and therapy concept with the parents takes place. The possible main emphasis of the therapy will be found together.
The children get a lot of energy and new impetus from the horses and us. Horses challenge humans to strike up a relationship without words. It is a new, non-verbal offering, stimulating all senses und opening doors for development steps. During therapy there may be times focusing uneasiness. To be confronted with this feeling and reappraise problems are important steps for a way to more quality of life. We may ask you as a parent to support your child through this process.
During a conversation about the course or conclusion of therapy, there is an exchange of experiences and –if necessary- a definition of new goals. We made the experience that long- term changes need time. We kindly ask you to communicate to your child that it will get this time.


The special feature of these therapy groups is the small number of four children at maximum, accompanied by a therapist. In this setting social interaction, mutual support, competing playfully against each other, spurring on each other and laughing together alternates with unique experiences and individual support. Especially for children with negative group experiences, there is a chance to experience new impetus, feel confirmed about oneself and manage challenges successfully in a safe and secured setting. 20170328 180425

For us, it is important -in accordance with the development of children from the small system of a family to social systems outside the family (kindergarten, school, friends,…)- to add, after the intense experience of the therapeutic single setting, a new experience of oneself in a social system. This setting offers the opportunity to transfer the positive experiences in therapy to daily life persistently.

The horses and their handling, the nonverbal communication and the relationship to human and animal are the centre of these groups. We experience nature here and now and face with courage and heart new challenges.

It is important for us to realize a setting where children with different needs can gather experiences together. We consider every child as unique and try to fulfil its special needs. We give serious thoughts to which children we take care of together in one group. We kindly ask all parents, to accept group colleagues -they have a hard history, too. The common respect for different –also “difficult”- humans, helps the children to integrate their own weaknesses better. 

The sessions of the integrative therapeutic group are kept in blocks of therapy. The cost are payed once for a block and the amount depends on the number of sessions. If sessions are not attended, they cannot be refunded.






translate: Die Integrative Showgruppe

Wir wollen nicht schlampig mit dem Begriff Therapie umgehen, Therapie ist für uns ein Prozess mit einem Start, einem Weg und einem Ziel, der methodisch durchdacht ist. Es ist uns sehr wichtig, dass Menschen mit besonderen Bedürfnissen nicht automatisch in jeder Freizeitaktivität „Therapie“ erleben müssen. Aber es gibt einen Graubereich – gerade in der „entwicklungsbegleiteten“ Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen – der einerseits Hilfe und Anregung gezielt bietet, andererseits die Individualität und die Selbstbestimmung fördert. In diesem Bereich sehen wir die Showgruppe, die sich von den anderen Therapiegruppen in Bezug auf Dauer und Ziel unterscheidet. Im Folgenden wird sie als Beispiel vorgestellt:

Die Showgruppe ist eine von vielen Gruppen in denen wir ca. 300 Kinder und Jugendliche pro Jahr betreuen. Es ist eine Gruppe, in der Kinder und Jugendliche mit Behinderung gemeinsam mit Menschen, die eine Krankheit oder ein traumatisches Erlebnis hatten, ein freundschaftliches Netzwerk bilden. Wir, als Therapeutinnen, sind dabei Helfer zu gegenseitigem Verständnis und organisieren den Rahmen der gemeinsamen Aktionen.

Das besondere der Showgruppe ist, dass sie mit ihren Aktionen nicht nur die privaten Fähigkeiten und Bedürfnisse der TeilnehmerInnen fördert, sondern sich an die Öffentlichkeit wendet.

Die Showgruppe macht Menschen auf die Anliegen von Menschen mit Handicaps aufmerksam und soll die Möglichkeiten der Hilfe durch Tiere aufzeigen. Zugleich ist die Gruppe für die TeilnehmerInnen eine große Freude und Förderung ihrer Fähigkeiten für ein zufriedenes Leben.

Unserem Leitsatz „Almost a Play – Fast Spielerisch!“ gemäß, meistern wir fast spielerisch das gemeinsame Tanzen, Theaterspielen und Tierakrobatik. Leistung ist immer relativ zu den Möglichkeiten, das wollen wir mit unseren Shows zeigen. Was für die Hunde kein Problem ist, können die Pferde nicht und wie sieht es bei den Schafen aus? So ist es auch beim Rest der Showgruppe: Jeder hat seine Besonderheit und zeigt außergewöhnliche Leistung.

Spaß ist unser Maßstab für das Gelingen.

Was ist normal? Was ist Behinderung?

Wir wollen zeigen, dass es immer Wege gibt „den Kopf nicht in den Sand zu stecken“.

Auftritte der integrativen Showgruppe haben uns 2018 zu einigen Veranstaltungen geführt:

Sattelfest Trabrennbahn Krieau

Apropos Pferd Wiener Neustadt (4 Tage jeweils 3 Auftritte) 

Adventjause "e.motion"

Auftritte 2019 werden uns hier hin führen:

Pferdefest Schlosshof

Apropos Pferd Wiener Neustadt


Showgroup 1999

Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt

Eine kleine Raupe zieht umher und sucht nach ihren Besonderheiten. Sie findet sich sehr hässlich und weiß nicht, warum ausgerechnet sie so leben muss… doch dann… entdeckt sie neue Fähigkeiten und eines Tages kann auch sie sich als Schmetterling in die Lüfte heben. Jetzt warten zwar neue Probleme auf sie, aber sie hat sich entwickelt…

Ausgeführt mit Kostümen, bunten Tüchern und zwei Ponies.






Therapeutic impetusweeks

Besides the regular sessions, there are therapeutic ”camps“ during holidays in which the daily life is shared. For many children and adolescents this is a valuable opportunity to collect social experiences outside the family but in a sheltered place. Being an outsider, having a disability, taking medicaments et cetera make it difficult to join the joyful being together at school trips. Spending time together in the therapeutic impetusweek is helping to be fit for everyday life and make new friends.

Children with special needs often have a low self-worth. Experiencing the own deficits and marginal position in “normal” social groups have left its mark on them. The purpose of the impetusweek is to create security and trust. For that we want to provide new impetus and start together to assimilate old things and get a new gaze for each other. Horses offer the opportunity to strike up a relationship on a nonverbal level, they want to be cared for and give straight and direct feedback. Especially, when a relationship to another human is through fear, worries and pain sometimes difficult, the horse can help to find a new access to each other and to oneself.

Atrekkingdventure- based learning with animals- Trekking

Under the slogan “Carry and to be carried” goes a particular adventure: Together with horses and caregivers we hike with backpack, gasoline stove, sleeping bag,... through the nature. The horses help carrying the luggage und also carry the participants some parts of the path.Learning through experiences, in movement and doing is especially for children and adolescents with a challenging past an important offering. Trekking with horses offers many opportunities to test playfully skills for a satisfied life. All activities are managed together: Cooking, planning the next route und going on. Every participant is needed with his special skills und contributes something positive for the group. The horses also offer the opportunity to strike up a relationship on a nonverbal level. They want to be cared for and give straight and direct feedback. Horses can help to find a new entrance when the relationship to humans is disturbed.

 translate: in Arbeit

Internship at e.motion Lichtblickhof

wir suchen dich 1As a first important information to all people who are interested in making therapy with animals their profession: It is a beautiful profession, but a very exhausting. Working hours and conditions depend on our four-legged friends, who have to be cared for daily and in all weathers. The funding of the therapy is always uncertain and scarce. The species-appropriate attitude of the horses for all the more expensive and time-consuming. The economic situation of e.motion is very tense. All employees have another job in parallel that secures their basic income. Nevertheless, the work here is the most beautiful "secondary task" in the world: We do not live BY HER, but FOR her!

We see an internship as an insight into our daily work. Since Equotherapy does not only include units with clients, we provide an overview of all necessary procedures and activities throughout the company. The aim of our work are satisfied clients and horses working together in a protected space.
Please take all further information about the internship of our internship description. If you are interested, please send us an internship request and a curriculum vitae or fill in our contact form.

As part of the informational evening, we introduce you to the two- and four-legged team and can also discuss detailed questions - here you can see our upcoming appointments.

An information evening takes place approximately every 2 months. Please register in advance at or fill in the form online!