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Internship at e.motion Lichtblickhof

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As a first important information to all people who are interested in making therapy with animals their profession: It is a beautiful profession, but a very exhausting one. Working hours and conditions depend on our four-legged friends, who have to be cared for daily and in all weathers. The funding of the therapy is always uncertain and scarce. The species-appropriate attitude of the horses for all the more expensive and time-consuming. The economic situation of e.motion is very tense. All employees have another job in parallel that secures their basic income. Nevertheless, the work here is the most beautiful "secondary task" in the world: We do not live BY the work, but FOR it!

We see an internship as an insight into our daily work. Since Equotherapy does not only include units with clients, we provide an overview of all necessary procedures and activities throughout the company. The aim of our work are satisfied clients and horses working together in a protected space.
Please take all further information about the internship of our internship description. If you are interested, please send us an internship request and a curriculum vitae or fill in our contact form.

As part of the informational evening, we introduce you to the two- and four-legged team and can also discuss detailed questions - here you can see our upcoming appointments.

An information evening takes place approximately every 2 months. Please register in advance at or fill in the form online!