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Scientific work

Besides the therapeutic work with small and big shining moments, the recharge of batteries with horsepower, the giving of  ray of hopes und BEING THERE for children and youths, the scientific approach to the topic equine-assisted therapy is very important to us.
That’s why we have done small research work in the last years, formed research groups for bigger projects and fortunately kept on getting the opportunity to give talks about our work.

In recent years we have repeatedly carried out smaller research projects, have formed a research group for larger projects every few years and, fortunately, are given the opportunity to give lectures on our work. Numerous small research projects have been carried out in recent years on topics like:

  • • Therapeutic offers for people with disabilities
    • Self-determination for humans and animals
    • Investigation of offers for therapy with the horse
    • Paradigms in the human-animal relationship
    • Constructivism and therapy with horses
    • Resilience and therapy with horses
    • Horse assisted trauma therapy

In 2005 we were awarded first place in the research award of the Animal Protection Ombudsman's Office in Vienna with a research project entitled “Paradigms in the Human-Animal Relationship”.

Every now and then we receive inquiries about pre-scientific work, bachelor's or master's theses and related research projects. As far as it is possible, we have a research project ourselves and it is a topic that can be researched by us, we are happy to win over for cooperation. We kindly ask you to contact us in this regard, but we cannot promise anything in advance!


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