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Horseassisted Traumatherapy

We are very proud to tell that in October 2017 the Book of Dr. Karin Hediger (Swiss) and Mag. Roswitha Zink (Austia) has been published in Ernst Reinhardt Verlag.


Based on scientifically founded trauma therapeutic concepts and the current state of research on horse-assisted work, methods, prerequisites, as well as the limitations and risks of horse-assisted trauma therapy are presented vividly. Based on the case study of 16-year-old Hannah and her therapy horse Tamino, the authors provide insights into horse-assisted trauma therapy. Which quality assurance measures are available? What qualifications of the therapist are important and how can the selection, training and attitude of the therapy-accompanying horse be optimally achieved? The book provides an overview of the effects and implementation of horse-assisted interventions in trauma therapy and thus provides a basis for the further development of this therapeutic area.

Unfortunately the book has only been published in german.

 Here is our Facebook-Fotoalbum of the book presentation.