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Angels for some time - acute care in times of crisis

lichtblick elfe PRINT rollingboard eamil From many years of experience, we know that the care of our children and adolescents in acute times of crisis must go beyond horse therapy.

Crises turn life upside down. Violence, illness or death do not depend on agreed therapy hours. Grief, despair and fainting haunt those affected around the clock.

Therefore, at such stages of life, it is urgently necessary to spend more time with the children and young people concerned, to provide basic needs and to restore some structure to their lives. In these times, the e.motion site becomes even more important than usual an important refuge and a safe neutral ground for our young clients.

The project "Angel on time" is very close to our hearts! A crisis rarely comes on its own - the whole life is suddenly turned upside down and you don't know how to help yourself - that's why we started the project "Angels on Time". Because angels are HERE and help where you don't know any more. WE want to help families in acute crises by being DA for them! We ask you to support us in this, because a big problem for families in crisis is usually also the financial!


"Angel for some time" - Apartments

The following project is still a dream of the future! But with your donation we can make it a reality!
Currently, 2 apartments are being built in the Otto Wagner Hospital as part of the "Angel on Time" offer, which should be available to seriously ill children and their parents in times of crisis. Relief care, rehabilitation and palliative care should be made possible around the clock. In addition to financial support for the project, donations in kind and voluntary work are also gratefully accepted.


Help once:

  • Construction subsidy for the construction of 2 hospice apartments 80 000€
  • installations for disabled persons
  • Wheelchair accessible playground and garden

Become an apartment sponsor:

  • Monthly rent for two apartments each 2400€
  • A specialist in health and nursing (full-time) monthly: 2500€
  • Equotherapy monthly: 950€
  • Therapy with other animals monthly: 400€



THANK YOU for helping us to support families!